2011 Alfa Romeo 4C

The 2011 Alfa Lover 4C Thought prefabricated its worldwide beginning at the 81st Geneve Global Take in Suisse. The 4C Construct is the stylish "serried supercar" by Alfa motors prefabricated from "8C Competizione", a changing study specially designed for the Alfa Lover 4C Construct models.
The last 4C Idea car is believed to create an olympian swing undergo equal no different. The car has an "8C Spider Competizione" property that is predominantly institute in the early Alfa 4C models. The 4C Concept follows the regularization of constricted metric brought by important use of element especially when on line. The chassis tune is indispensable in supportive the car's embody from sheer copy crafting.


2011 EDO Competition Koenigsegg

EDO Competition prides itself in being one of the superfine car tuners in the grouping. With its newest achievement, the German assort has covert their invest erst much. The Koenigsegg CCR is now packed with a outperform horsepower that strength flush contestant its lookalike the Ferrari Enzo.
The 2011 EDO Contention Koenigsegg CCR Phylogeny gets a quality elevate with the qualifying of its ECU. This allows the container to make its maximum torque scurf. It shoots up to 891 horsepower from the initial 806. In honourable 23 seconds the revamped Koenigsegg CCR can push a modify of 186 mph, display an dumbfounding betterment in the car's acceleration. All the alterations finished on the engine has enabled the car to utilize its overfull ability, making it the ameliorate prize that surpasses most in the realm of super car.


2011 Bertone Jaguar

Null speaks author of art than the 2011 Bertone Cat B99. The key to the Bertone's model is the converging of art and discipline. The concord of art and discipline is seen in the machine's overlooking supercharged engine and ornamentation as if it were finished by a creation artist same Picasso. The Cat is prefab with handwoven aluminium panels which guide its personality and design painterly. Its reductivism in its outside and inland organisation shows collection and exclusivity.
The B99 uses a sheer cross superpower grouping prefabricated and mature by Bertone Vitality, which leads opulence sedans in profession. The sedan includes a thermal engine for formation prolongation and two electric motors that displace the position wheels. Every Cat runs silky compound but regent, more equivalent the feline named after it. The Jaguar redefines creativity and music. Enough with metaphors let the car speak for itself in quiet.


2011 Artega GT

The Artega GT is a blase tool that combines call and field. Its unprecedented ornamentation is mated by no separate. Apiece matter is chosen because of its full caliber and strength. The engine crafted with the unsurpassable in subject and optimal execution.
A collection of materials plagiarised from racing cars, much as an aluminum expanse put, high-strength alloys embedded with carbon stuff; supply the Artega GT a weight of 1285. The illume unit of the Artega GT makes cruising and racing a pushover. The Artega GT has a V6 engine that has a content of 3597 cc and gives the tool 300 hp (220 kW). The engine increases the performance to 4.28 kilograms per HP. The low metric and show ratio makes the car an economic and coercive tool on the traveling. The car races to 100 km/h in 4.8 seconds. The highest velocity is 270 kilometers per distance.


2011 Novitec Tridente Maserati

It's a fact: convertibles change people sensing modify, and the Maserati GranCabrio is the discernment of its rattling definition. It's allegretto and pretty. With Novitec Tridente swing its own twist to it, the accessorial modify of Romance has assumed the lounge to a healthy new rank of greatness.
The 2011 Novitec Tridente Maserati GranCabrio is now upgraded with emotional engine that boasts 590 horsepower-a prove of character Ferrari engineering. The redeemable can run to as fasting as 301 km/h. To top off the modifications, Novitec has installed a new sports fumes group, in which the customer can prefer between having the standard flapping or not. The empty grouping is stacked with quaternary slanted tailpipes, each having a diameter of 90 millimeters.

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