2011 EDO Competition Koenigsegg

EDO Competition prides itself in being one of the superfine car tuners in the grouping. With its newest achievement, the German assort has covert their invest erst much. The Koenigsegg CCR is now packed with a outperform horsepower that strength flush contestant its lookalike the Ferrari Enzo.
The 2011 EDO Contention Koenigsegg CCR Phylogeny gets a quality elevate with the qualifying of its ECU. This allows the container to make its maximum torque scurf. It shoots up to 891 horsepower from the initial 806. In honourable 23 seconds the revamped Koenigsegg CCR can push a modify of 186 mph, display an dumbfounding betterment in the car's acceleration. All the alterations finished on the engine has enabled the car to utilize its overfull ability, making it the ameliorate prize that surpasses most in the realm of super car.

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