Mercedes-Benz Aria

The Mercedes-Benz Aria Concept Ornament by Slavche Tanevski is a concept car for the emerging, in 2030 to be precise. A sumptuosity car with a noticeable personality beautifully sculpted with polish and intimate organization and with timeless example in design.

The region face program is inspired by Alexander's helmet, which is a symbolisation of state and individual, and relieve enables to merged the conventional slicker framing of the Mercedes-Benz. From the root; the body is extended and it looks as if the tighten has chip off the indulging facing, making the car flowing gambler against the entwine.
The indoor is a four-seater capacity, with a gull-wing equivalent door that opens ascending. The wheels bonk cinque rung that is nicely done. Slavche Tanevski gave the Aria a good deluxe and finesse attitude from the turn up. The car has the illusion of gentle weightiness and feels like its floating on air.

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