2011 Cadillac Converj ELR

The 2011 Cadillac Converj ELR Conception was fashioned as the issue to the preceding 2009 Candillac Converj by the Indweller car concern, Chief Motors. The Cadillac Converj's premiere attendance was at the North Earth World Motorcar Evince in 2009 held in City, Cards. The Converj was also acknowledged with numerous awards for the pattern construct container awarde by the Southeasterly Moving Media Methodicalness (SEAMO) in the real said assemblage.
Cadillac ELR boast coupe is a 2-door, with Front-engine front-wheel body layout. This intercrossed coupe is nonvoluntary by an auto feat technology as compared to the GM Voltec construction of the 2009 Converj. More key features for the ELR modeling is the so titled stretched grasp capableness of its hardware batteries to go beyond the additional size of a cardinal kilometers.

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