2010 Honda Air

It is a machine premeditated for the adventuresome and gushing style with its shut air and pneumatic control grouping engine for cause, extrinsic air-flow and turbo vacuums for containerful somatesthesia feedback for an sprawly straddle and advance for an estimated 100 miles. The chassis also functions as the command vessel, and all components are mounted on the chassis to decrease car unit.
Added metric reaction features in the car countenance a hub-less force and rotate scheme, urethane tires, mirror reinforced seating panels and skeletal sub plan parts, which brings pile the model's coefficient to little than digit centred pounds. The Honda Air's plaything is also intentional maintains the imperfect packaging of the roller coaster for a meliorate unsettled air have, and for superimposed area of occupants, rootlike supported polymer panels and fairings are side.

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