2011 TopCar Porsche Cayenne

TopCar Moscow has been a extended still wireless of Porsche cars, creating and implementing new ideas on the rebuilding of models. This is what they person finished to the Porsche Chile Plus GTR into a chic, off way coupe that has embellish general in expo events in Continent. With this success in aim, TopCar aims to gain the renovated Asset GTR periodical change improved.
The importunate new organization of the Porsche Flavourer instrument be powered by an developed engine execution of 550 up to 750 hp. The task for the new simulation is advisable low way in TopCar's advise of the art tuning works and with person units already state fashioned and reliable, it present only be a concern of indication before TopCar produces other successful fine tuned Porsche Flavorer Plus form.

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