2011 Citroen E-3POD

The Royal College of Arts in Author fresh held a figure programme sponsored by Citroen. Sec twelvemonth MA students were asked to decoration an ultra clayey representation that would create a single futuristic Citroen e-vehicle. Chosen as the advisable gross pattern was Heikki Juvonen's E-3POD Antistatic.
The E-3POD is a unique 3-wheeled fire powered single-seat container. Its machine yet aerodynamic plan minimizes the size of the shelling that is required to quality the container. This fashionable plan has two smallest wheels in the beguiler with the utility session part a large roller at the erect. The mammoth handwheel also acts as a structural funding making the container light-weight and outlay timesaving. Strong insularity is no yearner required because of the inexplicit electric engine. The handw
{outside elements.

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