2011 Volkswagen Touareg Gold

In the 2011 Katar Motorial Show, for the real foremost experience, Volkswagen disclosed two new privileged SUV thought cars. Early is the Race Touareg 3 that's righteous notched up a victory at the 2011 Dakar rally, and the separate one is the Touareg Gold Edition.
The outdoor is decorated with soul Alcantara roof application piece it utilised the "Wizard Morning" modify for its body. Recovered surface is Nappa leather - smothered Recaro bucket room with ornamental stitches that matches the discolour outside coating, a virgin emancipationist leather rush with different seams in Magnolia stuff, yellow accents and switches, and accents of Walnut Bit are saved in the edifice table and entrance ornament panels with documented gilded inlay.

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