2010 Noble M600

2010 Noble M600 480

The Noble Automotive presents their concepts of putting the driver into complete control of their cars thus going back to the basics. Noble M600 is a car that doesn’t need any computer assistance. A small team who were fanatical about driving designs M600. It is a fact that the common features of a modern car are its being stylish (but with incompetent paddle shifts), over abetted breaks and ill-timed traction control.
The M600 designer would like to defy these features of a modern car by turning off computer-assisted controls and the like. The design of M600 is focused on the more “analogue” quality of design that uses the principle of pure engineering integrity from building the chassis up to every tiny detail a car must have. A person who is driving this car definitely deserves to be called a driver in the real sense.Noble M600 is powered by a 4.4 liter Volvo V8 engine and has twin turbo chargers. It weighs 2820 lbs and delivers an HP per weight of 4.3 lbs per hp. It produces a horsepower of 640 hp. The cars’ horsepower per liter is equal to 147.7 hp per liter. It can accelerate up to 60 mph for only 3 seconds. Its speed can reach up to 225 mph.

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