2010 Rizk Auto RA

2010 Rizk Auto RA side view

There’s a point where both art and science meet in a person’s mind and that point is appropriately called creativity. Creativity fuels not just admirable features and functions but also innovations on already existing creations. The automobile industry has always been the breeding ground for such forms of creations but rarely does design and work meet. The RA is the exceptional product of such with manufacturing processes that are essentially aerospace technology. The RA is committed to turn every driving experience into a lifestyle for people who want to feel the sheer pleasure of driving once more.
The Rizk Auto RA is the perfect embodiment of style and function combined as it does not only look astoundingly beautiful outside but it also possesses unadulterated power in its jaguar 6 cylinder or V12 cylinder engine. Priced at $180,000, it can also have a fuel-injected corvette LS3 V8 engine for people who want a smooth comfortable fast ride. The front and rear suspensions are full independent with wheel disc brakes and adjustable coil over shocks. The 2010 Rizk Auto RA boasts of having the best technological support so if you’re looking for car that is the future, then this might be the perfect vehicle you’re looking for.

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